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Carnaval 2024 in Lloret de Mar !

🎉 Welcome to Carnival in Lloret de Mar 2024! 🎉

Dear guests,

We are thrilled to welcome you to Lloret de Mar for the Carnival, an iconic event that lights up our streets each year!

From February 9th to 13th, 2024, our streets will be alive with vibrant colors, captivating music, and energetic dances. The Carnival celebrations in Lloret de Mar promise a unique atmosphere where tradition, creativity, and joy converge to create lasting memories.

Don't forget to embrace the Carnival spirit by donning your most festive attire and joining in the festivities with gusto. It's the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and revel in the company of loved ones.

We eagerly anticipate sharing in the joy and excitement of Carnival in Lloret de Mar 2024 with you!

Best regards,

House Services VA Concierge Team in Lloret de Mar !

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